Fuel Facilities
Pump and Tank Services

The right equipment the right people... the right price!" With more than 31 years experience in the Pump and Tankimg
construction business, Salomone Bros., Inc. delivers cost effective solutions, with on-time service and minimal down-time.

Since 1976, Salomone Bros., Inc. has served the petroleum industry with thousands of new installations and renovations. Our staff has the necessary experience to take the uncertainty out of planning and building your new station or remodeling an old one.

We can replace your existing tanks, design a state-of-the-art fueling facility and give you a turnkey service station or, anything in between.

Because we own and operate our own fleet of vehicles, earth moving, and construction equipment, and use our own employees you can count on Salomone to get the job done.

Pump and Tank Services


- Dispensing Equipment
- Management Control Systems
- Point of Sale Systems
- Leak Detection/Monitoring Systems
- Electrical Systems

Experienced factory trained technicians cover the New Jersey and New York markets with the latest in service and maintenance equipment and parts. Experienced and well equipped Salomone Bros., Inc. service personnel are on standby, 24 hours a day to respond to all of your service station, building and property maintenance.